Christian Hudson


So, if I were in your shoes, Id be interested in knowing who this dude is, who is so bold/weird/nuts to put himself on a website called Girlfriend Activation System.

Yeah, about that...

My buddy and I came up with name over drinks one night. If Id known how popular it was going to become, maybe Id have called it something cool sounding... Accelerate or Ignition or something like that. But who knows, maybe it wouldnt have caught so many peoples attention without such a ridiculous name.

Anyway, about the guy who created it:

I really struggled with women, social anxiety, and self-doubt until my mid-twenties. It was terrifying for me to confront these truths about myself, and it took a little bit of therapy and a lot of uncomfortable situations to start turning things around.

During that time, I discovered the pickup artist community. This was in like 2002, so not too many people knew about it yet. And in 2004, when I got fired from a software company I had started (thats another long story for another time!), I went to work for a guy who was a well-known pick-up guru.

It wasnt long before I was teaching on the bootcamps, so that forced me to confront my fears pretty quickly! But I dont need to tell you... the whole pickup artist community smacks of misogyny and bad attitudes towards women. I was disappointed, but secretly relieved, when this guru told me that he didnt want to work together anymore.

Along the way, I had discovered some interesting stuff about literotica, and began to do my own research into female psychology.

One thing led to another, and, well... you've read the story on the home page. I established a business called The Social Man to teach what was working for me, and a few years later, after seeing my advice working for countless clients, I rolled out the Girlfriend Activation System in a way that could reach and help a lot more guys.

As far as my personal life goes... I split my time between Austin, and Venice Beach, and I travel a lot.

Im drawn to adventures, and most of my travel takes me to places where I can surf, snowboard, climb, or hike. In the past few years, Ive summited two 4000+ meter mountains and a volcano, surfed in five different countries, and slept in remote villages from Thailand to the Philippines to Brazil.

I have an amazing girlfriend of four years, whos been with me for much of that. If youre interested, you can catch some of our adventures on my Instagram account.

But hey - this whole bio thing is starting to feel long-winded and self-indulgent. Ultimately, my goal isnt to be a star or a celebrity or anything... I just want to share what Ive done to overcome my self-doubt and social deficiencies, and to help men and women have awesome relationships with each other.

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