The following is a very small collection of emails that customers have
written in to me, or posted in our Members Community.

The following is a very small collection of emails that customers have written in to me, or posted in our Members Community.

These are real Girlfriend Activation System Reviews. They're not written by me, or by marketers who are trying to get a referral commission. They're real men (and as you'll see, one woman!) who have personally purchased the program.

What you're looking at here is the tip of the iceberg — I've selected a range of Girlfriend Activation System reviews that focus on various results that guys have gotten... some became more confident, some got their lives together, some landed girlfriends or wives, some got girlfriends back.

And as you'll see, everyone started having more fun.

As I was compiling these, I couldn't help but feel deeply moved. I've been in these same dark places in my life and in my head, and it means a lot to me that others have not just put their faith in me to help them, but have had great results, and reached out to say thanks.

More than anything else I do (well, ok, maybe tied with surfing), reading these reviews makes me profoundly happy. I'd love for you to share yours with me, and for now, I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do.

- Christian Hudson

Lot of women are noticing that there is something different...

"I would like to take a few moments and say THANK YOU!! Just like so many of the other guys that probably were skeptical as I was, this actually worked, but I will tell you about that later.

I was at the end of my rope with a woman who I had asked to marry me. The first two months of our engagement were stellar and all of a sudden things changed. Little by little I felt as thought the rug was being pulled out from under me and ended up in a conversation one night where she said to me "I can't do this, I dont love you the way you love me, It's not you it's me, you did everything right, but I just cant be with you".

This was not the end however and I tried harder and proffessed my love for her and bought her things and tried everything I knew to win her back. Five months later and I had been downgraded from fiance to boyfriend to friends with benefits to just friends.

I was at home drinking myself into a stupor and self medicating when I saw your video on facebook. I said yeah right this guy is a quack, but there was something in the back of my mind that was telling me to try it. So I ordered the package and passed out.

The next day at lunch I saw what I had done and was going to cancell but decided to listen and watch just the first part. I was still skeptical but I did it anyway. Before I knew it I was done with day one and on to day two. After watching the entire seminar I decided what do I have to loose? I've already lost her!!

So that day she happened to call me and ask if I was going to go to a friends retirement party, and would it make me upset to be around her if she went.

Well I flipped the switch and said I would love to see her (as it had been about three weeks since our last face to face) and that I was doing great at work ever since I had decided to stop being a pussy anymore and it was time to take my life back.

Well the day before the party, which was at a bar, she had noticed through my texts and lack there of, that something had changed. As a matter of fact I texted her and said that I didn't feel like going too early and to meet me for dinner! That worked!

She even said back is that a question or a demand and I didnt answer but just told her a time and place. She showed up and I immediately began to impliment the techniques you disscussed, even at the bar being confident and laughing and talking to others with her in tow the whole time.

A couple of hours and just a few drinks later I said lets get out of here before it gets out of hand and she followed me to her house. We bantered for a bit and I ended up shoving her against the wall for a nice firm kiss.

She said you arent getting laid tonight and I said no I am here its you who wont be...... I let that simmer all night long until the early morning when I woke up and she was standing by the bed saying she had to get ready for thanksgiving at her parents house.

I opened the covers up and without a word pulled her into bed and proceeded to have the best sex ever with her.

So now the problem is that a lot of women are noticing that there is something different about me and she is no longer the one that I want. I deserve better!! I am happy to say that this course was worth a thousand times what I paid and would do it all over again. THANK YOU for training me how to be the best version of myself and become who I want to be!!"

- Robert B

She kissed me, she got my phone number, she invited me...

"Hey bro, Just before I continue any further I'd like to let you know some of the success I've had in the last week since starting the course.

I was out on a small uni town and being an slightly older dude 36 I didn't expect much to happen and at first it didn't. Women seemed to give me an extra metre or two space if I happened to dance anywhere near them but I really didn't give a shit because I had no expectations and was just as happy to talk to my bros.

Well I knew that something had changed in me as women that I was connecting with and the way that we connecting was different than before. I was attracting less dominant women as I was able hold a more dominant frame so it seemed like there definitely something going on here any way by the end of the night I had a beautiful young babe doing most of the work for me.

At some point in the evening she must have decided I was worthy or something. Just holding a certain amount of indifference and being happy. She kissed me, she got my phone number, she invited me swimming. At this point if I'd have known how to escalate I probably could have had mighty success. But it was a great achievement regardless."

- Ben H

I seriously learned how to be a lady's man and undo the...

"I was already athletic, outgoing, get daily "handsome" compliments, and am actually a pretty cool guy; however, the info I learning in the GFAS was astonishing, and I gradually, over a period of months, turned myself into the kind of guy they teach you about in the videos, just kind of focusing on one aspect at a time, and the results were great.

But, some time after, my dating life really started to take off... I'm talking about being able to go from "hey, my name is Matt, we'll have fun working together tonight" to "meet me at my apartment ..." with every single female I've had an attraction to because I've gotten so good at knowing the nature of a woman.

I seriously learned how to be a lady's man and undo the stupid shit that's been programmed into my generation's minds as men that the shit in movies is how it really is... So I started to develop a bit of a reputation at the large hospital I work at as a player... (Not good). Things actually started to get a little tougher in the game for me due to the fact that women were now beginning to talk and on guard.

I can say that by applying the lessons taught in the GFAS... I can attract any person I have the desire to (I know that sounds cocky, and I would say there are still outliers, though I haven't experienced one). I honestly feel like a ten because of these three works of art you guys have brought into my life, and people can't get enough of me. Girls I used to hit on are asking ME out, girls with boyfriends and HUSBANDS... (Not too proud that they're not faithful, but that's not my fault).

Anyways, I just needed to add that bit of feedback since I haven't even given y'all feedback before. I could go on and on, but y'all have heard it all before, I'm sure."

- Matt M

I got that girl and others who are way out of my league...

"Hey Christian,

Well, it's Monday (you know how those go) but today is a little different from other Mondays. Usually I am working and on the grind, "bringing home the bacon". But today I had already taken off, to get ready for an exam that I am taking for a promotion that I have been offered, and I had a part 2 to taking this day off: to write something for you. I know that sounds a little odd, but when I first started down this road over a year ago, I was a much different person, in a much different place. Before I explain a little deeper, I'll let you know that I am a little long winded... both verbally AND via email and such. Apologies. But I remember when I signed up for your "activation system", you said you wanted nothing in return (other than the cost of it), only an email someday or feedback. Now whether that was some marketing ploy or bullshit, it doesn't matter at this point. I have really been meaning to message you and thank you for some time now.

Quite some time ago...maybe two or three years? Jesus I cannot believe that it has been that long. I was dating a girl younger than me (I am 25 now) we had been dating for about 5 years, which is not uncommon of me. Ever since puberty I have always been in some kind of relationship haha. If I was ever single it wasn't for long. And this girl, to me, was perfect I thought. We almost never fought, and had sex like 5-6 times a day while I was living in a house with my guy friends during college. I got a good job working for a healthcare company later and she kept pushing the idea of getting a place together, so of course I gave in eventually and we got a nice apartment in a nice part of town. When I look back at it now, it feels like settling, but at the time, I was excited for us, and I was proud of this life I was building around me. I was working the typical 9-5 life style, and I'll admit, the mission became career focused and a little boring...planned and mundane. I went from living in this frat-like home, to being a tame young adult with everything planned, and I was in full control.

Little things started to happen very quickly. She started seeing a doctor and got prescribed anti-anxiety medication + ADHD medication, and was almost always sleeping or watching tv when I got home. After only a month, she finally told me that she was home sick. I thought maybe she was stressed because of school and work, because she was still trying to finish college whilst working for a pharmacy which can be a stressful job dealing with people all of the time. I told her to stop working so much and concentrate on school, and that I would pay for everything. Within a few months later she was going out more, and I never thought anything of it because I was so certain that she was in love with me and looked up to me.

A few nights after my birthday that year, I went out with my twin brother and some old pals, and told her to go out with friends since she wasn't old enough to go to the bars with us, so she did. The next night we had sex and she went to the bathroom after, and although I never look at her phone, her phone lit up and it consumed my curiosity. When I looked, I found a conversation between her and some dude her age that she met down in Lawrence (a city here in Kansas where Kansas University is). She had this huge long conversation with him, she was sending him pictures and they were talking dirty to each other... it tore me to pieces man. I felt like you must've felt in that animation video of you showing up to that girls house with flowers and her opening the door with another man beside her. confused and hurt.

I was able to forgive, because we had all of this stuff, I bought her a cat that I loved and didn't want them both to leave at the same time, so we eventually worked it out, because I was ultimately scared of change. From there it only got worse, she went on to a vacation with a girlfriend of hers, where I later found out this guy had moved, and so she went to bang him basically all of the way down in Colorado. Even more months later she left her Facebook open on my laptop where I saw messages of some guy who I've never even heard of letting her know that she left the back door open when she was leaving his house and that his dog got out. She was messing around and I was THAT boyfriend, you know the type, the one with the hot girlfriend who's basically mesmerized while his gf is secretly banging every dude who winks at her. I had so many signs, the main one being that we went from sex 5 times a day to some times (if I was lucky) 5 times a MONTH.

I kicked her out, and I offered her everything in the apartment for the cat. I loved that thing haha. But of course she didn't take the bait and took the cat. I was confused... I was depressed. I was pathetic... for months after that. I just could not figure it out. Eventually I got tired of living alone and let my brother move into my office which was actually a second bedroom that I made an office.

One day I ran into some videos of yours and somehow ended up buying the girlfriend activation system. I thought, this is stupid, but since I haven't been single in a long time, maybe it will help. I've always considered myself good looking, and decent with women... but you know how it can be after a break up, you want to be unstoppable.

Don't get me wrong, there were a ton of useful things in there, a lot that I had never thought of, but the one main subject that really drove everything was confidence... taking what I wanted and having goals. I can't remember who said it, but someone somewhere in those videos said that a woman, and people in general will follow a man with goals, with purpose, and confidence. And I made this happen.

About a year later, I quit my job because I hated it (and man it felt so good to walk out of there). I moved out of the apartment, and into a house with my brother and two good friends. Then I set a goal to work my dream job as a software engineer here with a company in town. (I also said fuck it, and bought a JEEP haha, weird).

While I was with my ex, I used to randomly check out pictures of this girl that I went to high school with who wasn't anything special at the time, but during college she became a bombshell man, and so far out of my league, I would have never thought that I could be with her or making love to girls like her or of that caliber.

To make an even longer story short, I went out and got that dream job, I got that girl and others who are way out of my league. We aren't dating because I don't want to date anymore (for right now at least). But she comes over or we go out and I KEEP IT INTERESTING. That's really all it came down to, is just being the man I want to be, and to be interesting, random and fun + exciting without being flaky or weird. This is who I am now, and it's not something that can be taught, but something/ someone I was able to mold myself into. And I am happy man. I owe it to you and I also owe it to those guys who literally did me a favor by sleeping with my ex.

None of this would have been possible without your system and those guys haha. Weird, but true. Thanks a ton man.-

---"Rock and Roll" (p.s.- let me know if you want a picture of this girl, she's amazing!)"

- Joshua S

I truly don't think this would have been possible with out...

"Christian, I wanted to email you back and tell you how amazing this program has been for me! While I am still in the early stages of the learning process I have already seen some of the results!

For example, yesterday I went to Sunday in the country with a few friends and I could not believe what was happening. Of course with any country concert there is going to be alcohol involved and tailgating! But I dialed back the focus on drinking and just made sure I was having a good time.

While I did get intoxicated I was still in control of what was happening to me. And sure enough I ended up with a very good looking women! While I did not sleep with her I could still tell that this program is working!

So while we were all partying and having a good time I became very dominant and ended up making out with her several times through out the day. Hell at one point I even said to her "every women loves a dominant guy" and then proceeded to kiss her and all she could do was enjoy it!

Now the crazy part is all the while I am making out with this beautiful women I had another girl who was watching the entire encounter but still proceeded to tell everyone that I was the funniest and best looking guy out of the group and even rejected one of my friends for trying too hard!

So even though she knew I was messing around with this other women she still wanted me out of everyone else! I think that is pretty great as I have never had that happen to me before!

Now it did blow up a little as the first women had some serious jealousy issues for someone she just met that day but all in all it was an overwhelmingly great experience for me.

Even though I am 5'8 and weigh about 260 pounds I was the "star of the show". I look forward to continuing your course and becoming the best man that I can be!

Please feel free to share this with your other customers because hopefully this will help them better them selves by working with you! Thank you so much Christian for this life changing experience! I truly don't think this would have been possible with out your help!"

- Travis A

More than that, you actually made me understand myself...

"Hi Christian,

Your Obsession Story concept really resonated with me so I bought your Girlfriend Activation Program. I don't know how many women have watched your program in the past with a truly open mind. I can imagine that a few might have done it with a view to shouting you down as a misogynist and con man.

I just wanted to understand how things were from a man's perspective and I have to say that one of the things that I liked the best was that you showed a range of views and approaches. You let me see that men grow and that their needs change. You made me understand their struggles and pressures.

More than that, you actually made me understand myself!

I'm 52 years old and did not expect to find the answers that I had been looking for in a resource for men but, there you go. You made me understand that I was not weird for having an Obsession Story. You made me understand that society's rhetoric about being a strong, independent woman, completely ignored the biological imperatives that were pre-determining my choices.

You crystalised some ideas that I have had for a long time, like that love should be a gift that we give without expectation of return. I realise now that many of my most important relationships were doomed because I was unaware of the huge expectations I placed on men to give me the space to live out my Obsession Story. I had no words to explain to them what I needed. Not only that but I expected them to know what they should be doing because, in my mind, they were in charge of driving the relationship.

The reason that I am writing this to you is that I would like you to consider writing a program directed toward women. I think that men sorely need what you have to offer but I also think that society has steered us in the wrong direction. Society keeps telling us that women have higher EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) than men. This makes men look to us to guide their emotional development. Given the revelations that I have had since viewing your program, I'd have to say that we are pretty much in the dark about this stuff too.

I'm sure that you get tonnes of emails and that your staff deal with most of them. I'm just hoping that whoever reads this thinks that it is important enough to forward it to you. I really do think that there is a market out there for your ideas amongst women. More than that, I think that humanity will benefit if we reassess our understanding of the relationship between men and women.

I'd love to know if you already have anything like this in the works or if you are open to developing something.

Thanks again!"

- Claudia S

Quick note to say how helpful all this has been. Game changer. Story-

I'm a guitarist. Playing a reception Saturday, a bridesmaid made it easy by giving ME the Look at a totally electric, everybody within 100 yards sees it kind of level. Before your course I probably would have waited for her to do something else. Idiot. What more can she do?

So here's what I did. I inserted myself into a circle of bridesmaids she was dancing with at one point, copy their moves and acted silly, and proceeded to escalate with her, including calling her out on the look! Right out of the gate I'm breaking space and being a challenge while being fun and flirty all at once. From there I did all the stuff you teach, attraction transference, diverting my attention briefly in a pronounced way, breaking space and introducing escalating levels of gentle touch, and then breaking away - though I almost forgot this part! Now granted this girl made it easy because she was clearly very into me, but still before your course her attraction probably wouldn't have added up to anything.

Her situation that night dictated that nothing serious happened, but here's the punchline - when she's leaving, she runs up to me, grabs the notebook and pen out of my pocket, and writes her number down. Of course I was going to ask for it any way, but this way it was much nicer

definitely a first. Thank you so much. I look forward to your emails everyday.

Cheers, Josh

- Josh S

Thanks for all your doing man. I actually didn't think this would be legit, but now I'm interested in every course you have and everything you have to say.

In one week, I stopped getting drunk every day, quit smoking cigarettes, went to the gym for the first time in 129 days (as the clerk had to inform me), went on an epic bike ride, had 1 semi-hookup, and I'm generally feeling better.

You know, it's a process and especially the quitting smoking, it's hard, but a quality man doesn't smoke constantly. So I'm on my mission, building confidence one day at a time, and I can't wait to let you know when i get somewhere truly fulfilling.

- Ben W


I want to thank you for putting these programs together. I recently bought the Girlfriend Activation module and it has helped me immensely become more confident. My problem has never been the conversational parts of talking to women or even knowing how to use humor. I always asked myself what I was missing, why can't I move forward with a woman I really am attracted to? I found the answer in your Girlfriend Activation course.

The biggest thing that I was missing is dominance, body mechanics, breaking space and elevation. Once I started applying these things I instantly saw results. I've worked on the campus of [REDACTED] for ten years and this place is loaded with beautiful women. I've maybe had ten dates within that period of time. Now within the last week by just practicing what I have learned I got six phone numbers in two days! I have a date with a smoking hot girl now on Friday.

I was amazed at the results to say the least. I'm also on a weight loss journey and I will just say I have used my weight as an excuse for years now as why women don't want to date me. Although I've lost over 50 pounds I'm still about 25 pounds away from where I want to be. Re-examining my own confidence issues through your course has helped me breed new life into my motivations and what I truly want and need to be happy and fulfilled.

I have been involved as a Life Coach for over seven years now and helped hundreds of folks move past challenges. Even with all this training getting dates and how to apply my masculinity has up until now been a challenge for me. I'm excited now about many possibilities your course has opened up for me.

I also want to say I was drawn to your course not because it's about how to get laid but you actually approach dating the way I look at it. I want to find someone for long term and at least shares some of my core values. I'm 42 and not just looking for a quick hook up. I've been there and done that when I was younger and without a common connection, hooking up no longer appeals to me.

Thanks again for putting these courses out there. I will be back to do more of your courses in the future.

Best Regards, Forest

- Forest W

Happy Birthday mate!

Sounds like you had an amazing time!

Just wanted to say buying into your program was probably one of the smartest things I have done. I signed up last year and I probably haven't applied things as regularly as I should have, however it did get me in a serious relationship now.

Keep up the good work!

- Ziad Z

Hello there from Greece!

This is one of those mails that don't include advertisments...they don't include spam, they don't even include questions!

What I wanted to include in this a HUGE THANK YOU to Christian and all the marvelous team he has assembled.(You included asuming you are an employee that manages emails and not Christian himself!)

You see,I've been reading the emails you've been sending me and despite the fact that I only bought one program from Christian, ever since I made that choice in my life I've been feeling a part of this amazing company you've created.

I was inspired, informed and ultimately reshaped as a human being by the wisdom and the journeys that Mr.Hudson had brought to my life. I've been changed in soooo many amazingly new ways by the things I've learned and practiced from the course and generally the positive and engrowthing vibe that I get from each mail I am reading from you.

For all this I believe it's not much to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of it but that's all I got and I had to share it with you.I am creating my story,I am starting to share it with a few people and I feel the growth coming from within me.

And you guys played a part in that growth and for that I forever consider you more than strangers, more than someone far away siting beside a computer. I consider you brothers, teachers, friends in this mad dance that life is.

I hope that maybe Christian himself would read this email some day and that it will put a smile on his face for all I managed to acomplish through his guidance!

P.S I've became so confident with women over the courses, haven't found "the one" yet but I've been finding more and more something more important through all those journeys that I have started...myself!

Thank you for everything and may one day meet you guys in person and share my stories with you!

Until then...keep rocking the world and keep inspiring and helping people like you inspired and helped me my friends!!!

Kostas from Athens,Greece

- Kostas K

Hey everyone

Just wanna thanks all of you guys, dr sys , cd, mark, tone, aaron, sander, gab and everyone else here , for helping me become the high value guy i am today.

3 months ago when i joined here , was so beat down that i was calling quits and thought that my 21 st bday will be the same and will live in misery and had no mission or vision, but fast forwarding 3 months, joining here was the best decision i ever made.

at first i thought it was a scam and was reluctant but i joined none the less thinking that why would it hurt , i am already at rock bottom, but i am thankful to god , for sending me here , through a link on a website i opened just once and landed here, it saved my life and gave me a second chance

it gave me a chance to know incredible people here and be happy, if i get a chance to meet any of you guys, i surely would without blinking an eye.

i have improved so much in all areas of life i cant even tell and being able to enjoy life and have fun while doing so is the best part, to the point that i can help other people here too.

so thanks everyone and if you are new here and think you wont be able to make it or do it, live example is in front of you , from hitting rock bottom to being a prize and a high value guy, you can do it, keep strong and hang in there, have fun.... thanks and god bless...

- Kapil R

My name is Danny

I joined your basic course about a year and a half ago and I wanted to let you know how helpful this has been for me. You always ask for everyones "story" when they sign up and I never shared. I was in a three year relationship that was so toxic I couldn't even sleep anymore.

I loved this girl, I dreamed of this girl and I knew she was all kinds of wrong for me but I loved her so much I couldn't let her go. Once I did, my confidence was gone. My "game" was like I never talked to a girl before in my life.

I am in my late 20's and I am in great shaped with my families good looks. Nothing I did mattered after I broke things off with my first love. She F'd me up. ROYALLY.

If there is someone out there who's looking to become a better man, a better everything.... JOIN THIS PROGRAM YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. It's not about being a nice guy, its about being a good guy who holds his values and doesn't break for anyone. This course is life changing and you must hear everything it has to offer. Thank you for giving me my life back. Danny

- Dan Z

I just want to start off by saying thank you.

And not just for helping me get better with women but for helping me start on a path to change my life. The GFAS was just the kick in the ass I needed.

I am a college drop out and have been working dead end manual labor jobs for almost the past three years. Thought I'd never get anywhere in life. But now I am starting my own business and also working on an invention that could possibly change the way we live in the near future.

The GFAS has given me more confidence to do things I didn't think I could. I finally have my mission in life.

And that's not all. I've also gotten two numbers from women in the past week and they approached me.

Like you said in the latest email, confidence radiates, and I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you. I know you problem get hundreds if not thousands of emails a day but I hope you get a chance to read this and understand that GFAS has helped me turn my life around.

- Bradin C

Hi guys

It's been a while since I logged in here ...that's because I've finally found the most amazing 10 out of 10 girl (She's ambitious, she makes me laugh, she has great style, great taste, she's smart and challenges me to be the best I can be ...oh, and she's super hot, and probably has a higher sex drive than I do! Incredible.)

Anyway, It's been about a year since I first discovered Christian's ad. I think it was probably a pre-roll on YouTube. I never normally go in for stuff like this, but the whole thing about 'the obsession story' seemed to make so much sense, and it clicked with a few little pointers I'd got from older wiser friends over the years that had kinda worked for me here and there in the past.

At the time, I'd recently split from a long term girlfriend - she was originally from another country, and really wanted to be back at home, but I knew I'd be unhappy if I moved away from my home country. So we made the mutual decision to part ways. In hindsight, it was definitely the right thing to do. However, I was 31 years old, and many of my friends are getting married and having kids, but here I was single like an 18 year old again.

I like to take an optimistic view of life, and saw this as an opportunity to find the girl I REALLY wanted. The kind of girl that I probably WOULD move countries for. And Christian's message came along, so I thought it was worth a shot to see if I could start dating some amazing girls.

I could relate to Christian's story. I have a good job, I'm reasonably financially successful, but I felt I was kind of average looking. And I certainly didn't think 10 out of 10 girls would have any interest in me whatsoever. If I did ever get to talk to any girls like that, I would fumble things ...and I've been put in the 'friend zone' more times than I care to remember. I had to figure out how to do things different.

Using some of the techniques in the course, I was so surprised that they actually worked. Suddenly I was getting the attention of these girls, and getting their number and going on dates with them. I previously never thought this would be possible. Putting Christian's advice into practice, and seeing results, really boosted my confidence ...and that in turn, the extra confidence boosted my effectiveness at getting dates with girls.

over the last year, I dated (and slept with) two doctors, an architect, a software entrepreneur, a professional ballerina, and many others.

And I stopped worrying about screwing things up a.) because I knew what I was supposed to do, and was prepared to take each next step, and b.) because my success rate went through the roof, so for the first time I truly believed "there's plenty more fish in the sea" I could shop around, and wait to find a girl who I truly value, and who truly values me.

What's more, a big part of the appeal of this whole course is that it's not just pick-up techniques, it's techniques to make a whole relationship work and last. I'm now confident that I can maintain this relationship with this amazing girl. And that's because Christian's message encouraged me to actually become a better person, not just to try some clever tricks to get dates.

I've got so much from this course, not just an amazing girlfriend, but also more confidence and therefore more satisfaction out of all aspects of life.

I'm walking on sunshine dudes, and it was all down to me, and the changes I took initiative to make in my life ...but it was this course that activated those changes. Thanks a million, it was worth every cent.

Best regards,

- Carl S

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